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Our business is built on the trust and support of our clients...

We know we are not the only lice removal option you have to choose from, and we take that fact very seriously. Our businesses is built on the trust and support of our clients. That knowledge drives us everyday to offer the highest level of commitment to lice treatments and our clients.

A follow-up appointment may be elected - see guidelines regarding guarantee

As you are well aware head lice are very persistent by nature and even if only a few eggs remain behind after treatment, they can hatch and begin to breed and start a new infestation, this is why daily combing for 5-10 minutes a day after initial treatment is so important.   When you opt for the follow-up treatment, you qualify for a guarantee. We guarantee that if you find live lice and new nits within 21 days following the recheck,  Liceology will re-treat at no cost.
In some instances more severe and advanced cases it's possible a second treatment may be necessary.

You qualify for the Lice-ology TM guarantee when you adhere to the following:

  • All family members in the household receive a lice screening.
  • Advice on linens and cleaning is followed.

One follow-up visit for re-treatment and comb-out is elected 7-10 days after the initial treatment. Follow-up visits are usually much less in duration than initial treatment.


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