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The Honest Truth About Headlice

Here is the honest truth about head lice. They are gross, frustratingly hard to get rid of, and costly.

No matter how you go about your battle against this parasite it is going to cost you money. Many people struggle with the idea of paying a company to do something they feel they can do themselves.

We will never tell you that self removal is impossible, that is simply not true, and families have been treating head lice many years before our company formed.

We are, however, telling you that we can turn a frustrating and overwhelming situation into a family bonding experience you will be able to laugh about!

We achieve this by providing a calm and controlled environment full of juice boxes, healthy snacks, and videos to keep little ones happy. In the end we send you home armed with more knowledge about lice than you may ever want and, most importantly, your sanity.

The following information has been gathered from our experience, is an estimation, and provides a broad look at the head lice treatment process:

**The average family will battle head lice for approximately 4 months. We can estimate, from our years treating Oklahoma head lice, families purchase and/or use home remedies an average of 5 times, and spend at least 35 hours combing.


* Store Brand/National Brand (A) Complete Lice Elimination Kit: $23 x family of 4= $184
(average family will use this kit more than once on each family member)


* Store Brand/National Brand (B) Kit: $18 x family of 4 = $144
(average family will use this kit more than once on each family member)

* Doctors Visit: $20-$40 Co Pay

* Prescription Lice Treatments: $20-$250 Co Pay

* Home Remedies and Internet Purchases: $15-$20

* All Natural Shampoos purchased at Childrens Salons: $15
(average family will purchase more than one bottle)

* Tools and Electronic Devices at Pharmacy: $45

* Days of Combing: PRICELESS

* Days of Cleaning and Laundry: PRICELESS

* Numerous Missed Birthday Parties, After School Activities, and Play Dates:PRICELESS


Average Treatment:

Females usually take 60-90 minutes: $110-$165
(this is an estimate for a female with shoulder length hair, medium thickness, and mild to moderate infestation)

Males usually take 30-60 minutes: $55-$110
(again, this is estimation and is subject to change based on hair length and thickness, level of infestation, and cooperativeness)

The cost of Lice-ology treatment is undeniably comparable to DIY treatment but without the stress.

You are never required you to buy any products and are provided with a new lice comb after treatment.


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